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“Legal Expertise in Different Areas of Business and Private Life”

Our Practice Areas

Business Advisory

By taking elements from contract law, commercial law and company law, amongst others, Brickmans law offers a well-rounded and holistic advice service to answer any legal queries your business could have. This support can be over a period of time, or one-off advice; the professionalism of our lawyers leaves no questions unanswered, and breaks down the nuances that often convolute various areas of business law. With this guidance, you can rest assured that any legal issue troubling your business will be dealt with efficiently.

Immigration Law

Brickmans Law’s expertise guarantees a focused and level-headed approach to any immigration matter. Our team of lawyers have extensive experience in applications and appeals, in the courts and tribunals. With our international network of affiliated partners in Nigeria, the US, Canada and other countries, we stay connected to current affairs inside and outside of the country, in order to deliver a desirable outcome for both corporate and individual clients’ immigration needs.

Family Law

Our dedicated team at Brickmans Law offers specialist advice regarding a range of disputes in the Family Courts. We possess broad knowledge and a wealth of practical experience pertaining to the full scope of family law. As a firm, we consider the emotional element of family law cases and strive to provide a personable approach when problem-solving, ensuring a robust solution to the problems our clients face.

Employment Law

At Brickmans Law, we are committed to protecting your rights in the workplace. We have advised both employers and employees, giving us a full perspective of the legal issues both sides might face. Employment law is dynamic and growing; since the pandemic, there have been unprecedented changes to regular working life and how we interact with each other. Therefore, we keep societal developments in mind to ensure an up-to-date approach to any employment challenge. Modern problems require modern solutions and at Brickmans Law we strive to ensure that we proffer the right solutions to any employment matter we handle.

Landlord & Tenant Law

At Brickmans Law we aim to help our clients to resolve landlord and tenant issues, whether we are acting on behalf of the landlord or the tenant. From many years of practice in the field of Landlord and Tenant Law, our experience has helped us to understand the common struggles of both landlords and tenants. We act with care and we know how crucial property investment is in the lives of both parties. Therefore, we aim to apply our knowledge in speedy, effective resolution to any matter we are instructed upon.

Debt Collection

We offer services to certify statements in court proceedings that include: identity verification, witness statements, property disputes, and many other areas. Brickmans law’s practice in Oaths and Affidavits spans across numerous areas of law, and we can vouch that any statement we corroborate is airtight, and legally binding in any court in the country.

Oaths and Affidavits

For clients facing a dispute that includes Debt Collection, Brickmans Law specialises in highlighting the legal responsibilities of each party. Debt Collection is often muddled with third parties, and sometimes intimidation; our firm’s aim is to remove any ambiguity concerning the law in each specific case we handle, in order to make clients aware of their legal duties. For us, it is important our clients’ rights remain upheld, and are not pressured into unnecessary compromise.


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